Enrollment Resources

Course Syllabi and Instructor CVs

The Texas Legislature House Bill 2504 requires public institutions of higher education, other than medical and dental units, to make certain course information available to the public on the institution’s Internet website. For each undergraduate classroom course offered for credit, the institution must make available a syllabus that meets the criteria specified by the bill, a curriculum vitae (CV) of each regular instructor (excluding personal information such as home address or telephone number), and if available, a departmental budget report of the department under which the course is offered from the most recent semester or other term during which the institution offered the course.

UT Campus Bookstores

The books for your courses will be available through each Host Campus bookstore. Be sure to order your books as early as possible to ensure time for delivery before classes begin. Your course materials and textbooks may be purchased directly from the campus bookstore (list below) or any trusted online provider. Keep in mind that UT campus bookstores allow returns for dropped courses.

Campus Phone
University of Texas at Arlington 817-272-2785
University of Texas at El Paso 915-747-5594
University of Texas of the Permian Basin 432-552-0220
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley 956-665-2252 Edinburg campus
956-882-8249 Brownsville campus

Disability Services

The UT System institutions affirm that all students should receive equal access and opportunity to education. Toward that end, each UT campus works to eliminate physical, instructional and attitudinal barriers by providing reasonable accommodations and fostering awareness within its community.

Each UT campus has its own policies and procedures regarding documentation of disabilities. Any students who need accommodations should contact their Host Campus office for students with disabilities as soon as their enrollment has been confirmed. Students with a disability-related tuition waiver need to make arrangements with each Host Campus prior to the payment deadline. Be aware that dates and deadlines vary from campus to campus.