Home Campus Registration

To register for a course offered by your Home Campus, use its electronic registration system. See the Academic Calendars for registration dates.

Home Campus Registration Systems

  • University of Texas at Arlington – MyMav
  • University of Texas at El Paso – Goldmine
  • University of Texas of the Permian Basin – myUTPB
  • University of Texas Rio Grande Valley – myUTRGV

Host Campus Registration

To register for a course offered by a different UT campus (Host Campus), submit an online registration request using the Texas Information System (TIS) during the semester registration period. Keep in mind that registration requests take several business days to be processed, so register early!

Texas Information System (TIS)

The TIS is the registration and student records management system for students taking online courses offered by University of Texas System institutions through the UT Online Consortium (UTOC). It streamlines registration and the exchange of student information between students and campus advisors, registrars, and financial aid officers.

The TIS allows students to

  • submit online registration requests for courses offered by campuses other than their home campuses (during designated registration periods)
  • track the status of registration requests as they go through the approval process
  • receive immediate notification by e-mail regarding the approval or denial of registration requests
  • provide enrollment verification to the home campus financial aid office
  • check final grades

See the TIS FAQs for more information about the TIS and the registration request submission process.

Tuition and Fee Payment

You will pay tuition directly to the Host Campus. Each UT System campus has different tuition and fee schedules, payment deadlines, and payment processes. Typically, after a registration request has been approved, you will receive an e-mail from the Host Campus Registrar’s Office with instructions on how to pay your fee bill. If you do not receive an e-mail from the Host Campus within a few days, we recommend you call the Billing/Payment contact at the Host Campus.

Please Note: Failure to pay your course fee bill by the Host Campus deadline may result in additional fees and/or the cancellation of your registration (courses dropped).

Questions about tuition and fee payment should be directed to the Billing/Payment contact at the Host Campus.

Semester Start and Course Access

Each campus follows a different academic calendar. Refer to the Academic Calendars page for semester start dates.

You will log into your online course on the Blackboard system at the Host Campus using the credentials they provide. Refer to the Course Login and Help Desk Information page for links to the Blackboard systems and help desk information for each campus.

Financial Aid

Your Home Campus will award financial aid based on your enrollment at all campuses. However, you are responsible for paying tuition and fees to each institution with which you are enrolled. Institutions disperse financial aid 10 days prior to the start of the semester, but they DO NOT transfer money to your Host Campus for tuition payment.

If your Home Campus does not disperse your financial aid award in time to pay your Host Campus tuition bill, you are responsible for making arrangements to pay the tuition by the deadline. Otherwise, you will be dropped from your courses at that campus.

Veterans Affairs and Hazlewood Benefits

If you are a VA or Hazlewood Benefits recipient, be sure you have selected the appropriate aid type in the Financial Aid Selections field on your TIS profile. Unlike financial aid, VA and Hazlewood Benefits will be overseen by each Host Campus.

If you will be receiving VA Educational Benefits, contact the Veterans Affairs contact at the Host Campus for more information about how to get your coursework certified with the VA.

If you are eligible for Hazlewood Benefits, contact the Hazlewood Benefits contact at the Host Campus to apply for the exemption.

Dropping a Class

If you wish to drop a class offered by a campus other than your Home Campus, you must contact the Host Campus Registrar’s Office to do so. Refund and withdrawal policies of the Host Campus will apply.

If you wish to drop a class at your Home Campus, please refer to the Registrar for the appropriate procedure.


When you take a course from a Finish@UT campus, the transcripts will automatically be sent to your Home Campus at the end of the semester and uploaded to your student record. If, however, you have any kind of hold on your record at the Host Campus, the transcript will not be sent. The hold must be resolved before the transcript will be delivered to your Home Campus.

Transfer Credits and GPA

Finish@UT students may acquire both resident credits and transfer credits. Check with your advisor before taking any courses outside of the Finish@UT program to be sure you are meeting your Home Campus residency requirement and to ensure the courses will meet degree plan requirements.


If you attain below a 2.0 GPA at a Host Campus, the Host Campus records system may place you on academic suspension. Be sure to check your preferred e-mail address and/or regular mail after grades are posted for an important message and then contact your academic advisor immediately to resolve the situation.